RUSH have started a number of projects in Kakamega since our birth in 2001. They are dealing with many of the issues affecting the local community, from health to education.

The community has benefited through RUSH for the past eight years in the following ways:

  1. More than 200 girls have already been trained as tailors.
  2. More than  600  families have benefited through a clothing and bedding programme.
  3. Over 10,000 families have benefited through a malaria prevention programme where mosquito nets were given out and treatment given.
  4. Thousands of families have benefited through the 'Poverty Eradication Programme 10 were given bicycles in order to start a 'boda-boda' (taxi) service. 10 women were given funds to start small businesses.This still runs lead by one of the Rush ladies and a Pastor.
  5. So far over 10,000 people have benefited through free treatment medical camps running over years.
  6. Many orphans and vulnerable children are being given education through RUSH academy (ECD, Primary and Secondary schools).
  7. 40 boys have benefitted by being offered free training at carpentry school.
  8. Over 3-400 boys have benefitted through RUSH football club. This is now Rush Academy football Club. Early on 3 boys benefited by getting places at secondary school through exposure of their talents. Also 300 youths have benefitted through youth programmes i.e. workshops and seminars.
  9. In the feeding programmes for the aged and those affected by HIV/AIDS more than 120 on average people are benefiting by being fed on Tuesdays when the need arises.
  10. Several people have benefited by being sponsored to go through College for diplomas in IT, Business and Accounting and Teaching.
  11. 60 children have benefited so far through the 'Child Sponsorship Scheme'.
  12. Fifteen family has benefited through the 'Urban-Rural Resettlement Programme one being given a house and over 1 acres of land.
  13. Many widows have had new homes built for them. They have been given beds, mattresses and blankets.


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