Five hundred and fifty children presently attend the RUSH Academy School in Kakamega and many are orphaned or in situations that are quite desperate, so it is for these children that the sponsorship scheme is vital, as without funding they would not have the opportunity to attend school at all.

RUSH Academy School, having started in rented accommodation in 2001, soon outgrew its premises, bought land and started building the new school literally brick by brick as funds came in. Children now attend from pre-unit and baby class, through classes 1 to 8 of primary school and on to forms 1 to 4 of secondary school. It is most encouraging to observe how all the children are given the chance to flourish and succeed in the supportive, family atmosphere.

The government schools generally require parents to purchase uniform, books and sometimes classroom equipment and this makes attendance impossible for the poorest in the community. RUSH Academy is not government funded but rather in competition with other schools in the Kakamega District. Our students perform consistently well in examinations often coming first in English, Maths, Science, Kiswahili and Social Studies. This success is due to the commitment of the teachers to provide a high quality education supported by a very caring pastoral team.

Two hundred and fifty children have the opportunity to board at the RUSH Academy. Priority is given to those in the examination classes at primary level, to all secondary students and to others who are in particular need or distress.

Students living at home, in the rural areas around Kakamega, may find it very difficult to study in the evenings where there is only candle light at home. There is usually an expectation that young children will work in the home or on the land and this deflects from evening study. In addition transport costs are often prohibitive, so the boarding units at school provide a safe and secure environment for supervised study in the evenings. Every student receives breakfast and lunch and the boarders are also offered tea after school and dinner at night.

For £25 a month students receive tuition, food, uniform and books - everything necessary for them to function well and really succeed in school. It is possible to keep in touch with individual students by letter via RUSHUK. The charity will undertake to provide regular updates as to the educational and personal progress of children who have sponsorship.

After seeing well meaning white people publicly giving out uniforms and gifts many parents/guardians thought  that the whole school was sponsored.  This was incorrect and  detrimental to the financial running of the school. Hopefully this situation is now in hand. As a result we now send all of your £25 direct to the school for them to covertly equip your child with all their needs.

Retaining teachers is a high priority for RUSH, especially as there is always competition for good teachers at market salaries. Therefore some sponsors may prefer to make a monthly contribution of £20 (or part thereof) towards the salary of one RUSH teacher as a means of securing continuity of good teaching for many children over time.

We are ever grateful for all contributions, as even a small amount will go towards meeting the cost of one pupil’s education or one teacher’s salary. Any donations that are Gift Aided allow RUSHUK to claim an additional 25% this helps towards teachers’ salaries and provision of food for the children.


If you wish to obtain more information please contact Liz Noble/Sue Armitage at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.