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RUSH stands for Reaching the Unreached through Self-Help. RUSH UK is a Registered Charity set-up to support the work of RUSH Kenya which reaches the under-privileged and suffering people within the local community of Kakamega, a town in the Western Province of Kenya close to Lake Victoria (see map).It also helps other needy groups in Kenya and Tanzania.

RUSH UK is supporting the work of RUSH Kenya as they work alongside 800 community members and about 200 orphans and vulnerable children. Since the start of RUSH Kenya in 2001, we at RUSH UK have been involved in supporting many social projects in Kakamega including choirs, house building, free medical treatment, training for driving and tailoring and education, and the development of a school which is now fully operational from baby class, through primary to form one of secondary. See the projects page for more information.

Our aims for the future involve:

  • Alleviating poverty in the community by encouraging self help and good housing, a feeding programme and local support groups.
  • Expanding the carpentry and tailoring programmes to accommodate more young people.
  • Building RUSH academy up to a high standard to offer a broad and balanced education to secondary level helping develop well-educated and informed communities.
  • Reducing the HIV/AIDS rate of infection through teaching, medical and dietary support.
  • Training and support in the community to enable self-support in the future. .
  • Supporting and developing community based health care and a programme of home visiting.
  • Providing computer lessons both in college and at RUSH academy school.
  • Training the community in the methods of practising agriculture on their farms
  • Training women on business issues and accounting.
  • Promoting our youth through a ‘youth-parent' programme on issues related to HIV/AIDS, personal safety and reproductive health in the community.

The purpose of this website is to promote and provide information about RUSH and our many activities within the community.

RUSH Secondary School

Having said in the past we could not possibly afford to go on to run a secondary school at RUSH, my mind was changed whilst painting the outside of the school in February.

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RUSH Gallery